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Steelsmith Clamps

Steelsmith Clamps is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, Latches & Clamping Elements for all industry applications.
More than 400 different types of clamps are delivered worldwide.

Anemo Engineering is your information centre and contact for Steelsmith Clamps .
Steelsmith Clamps are well known for their excellent quality, high safety in use, flexible service and distribution support.

Life cycle test Steel-Smith clamps
Life cycle test SteelSmith clamps


Steelsmith Clamps delivers the best quality clamps that can be used in almost every application.
Our versatile clamps provide quick and easy work-holding.
We can offer you clamps with horizontal and vertical handle, push-pull models, latch action clamps,
pliers, pneumatic clamps, … all kind of clamping accessories.

Steelsmith Clamps has a perfect quality management system.

With excellent production techniques and -procedures we manufacture your products at economical costs. Knowing the high quality of your requirements, Steel-Smith manufactures not only with high precision and quality in the production process, but has reinforced the inspection of half and finished products during production and before shipment.

Constant high quality has led Steel-Smith to become your competitive clamp manufacturer.

 Life cycle test Steel-Smith clamps
Life cycle test Steel-Smith clamps


A safety clamp is a device to hold or secure objects tightly and to prevent their movement by applying pressure.

It consists of a handle, a holding bar for grip and a linkage system. This linkage system is made up of pivots and levers to multiply the applied force. Like any clamp the purpose of toggle safety clamps is to prevent an object from moving or separating when pressure is applied, but in a safe way for the worker !

Steel-Smith offers a wide range of high quality, durable safety clamps.
All products developed by Steelsmith, are submitted to tests and simulations with the latest CAD / CAM technology.

Clamping force test Steel-Smith clamps
Clamping force test Steel-Smith clamps


After that they undergo several physical tests to ensure the correct results are obtained.
Only after passing all tests, products are added to the safety clamp range.

To increase safety for workers, Steel-Smith provides their safety clamping devices with :

  1. Secondary lock – to ensure that the clamp remains locked in any condition.

In order to unclamp the locking mechanism must be released first.  No accidental opening ! It is      protected against unintentional opening or closing through vibration.

  1. The red grip ensures that workers do not harm themselves when they frequently operate the clamp.

The Steelsmith safety clamps are safer alternatives than other brands of clamps !

 Holding capacity testing Steel-Smith clamps
Holding capacity testing Steel-Smith clamps


We provide you with all technical information, 3D drawings,catalogue, quote,samples for your approval, … on your simple request and give you reply to all your additional questions.

Our product managers assist you in selecting the right clamp for the right application.
For some quantity, we also offer and deliver our products under your brand.

We also make clamps based on your drawing.
Our engineers can eventually re-design or adapt existing clamps to meet your requirements.
After your order, we make sure that goods are delivered on time with all requested documents.
After delivery, we check if you are satisfied about our products and service.

 Holding capacity testing Steel-Smith clamps
Holding capacity testing Steel-Smith clamps

Distribution support

In some European countries we are still looking for distributors.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to cooperate and distribute our clamps in your country.