Steelsmith product catalog 2017

steelsmith product catalog

Steelsmith product catalog 2017

new products 2017

Steelsmith product catalog 2017

The Steelsmith product catalog 2017 is available !



We have added this year next new innovative quality clamp series :

  • T-handle clamps - vertical hold down action- flanged base and straight base
  • Vertical hold down action clamps VTC-528-SB, VTC-528-SB/FM, VTC-527-SB/FM, VTC-527-SB
  • Horizontal hold down action clamps H-5305-B/SB-HV, H-5305-SB-HV, H-5310-B/SB-HV, H-5310-SB-HV
  • All black clamps VTC- and H-series
  • Pull back clamps PB-3518, PB-4522, PB-5025-10 and PB-5025-12
  • Roto-moulding clamps PB-4032-SF, PB-7532-SF
  • Straight Line Action clamps HTC-601, HTC-200-FM, HTC-630-LH
  • Pull action clamps PAV-320, PAH-320-FM, PA-910318
  • Latch clamps 35 new models
  • black latch clamps A7-10-351-20 and A2-10-501-21
  • Automotive clamps HV-700-FS, HV-700-FUT, HV-700-FUV, HV-1200-F1AV, HV-2400-F1AV
  • TOP PRODUCT : NEW Pull Action clamps with Additional Locking Mechanism PAHN-2210-TRIG, PAHN-2515-TRIG, PAHN-2725-TRIG, PAHN-4445-TRIG. This new serie has a lot of advantages over the conventional Pull Action Clamps
  • Pneumatic clamps : SSC-1640-HA, SSC-2550-HA, SSC-4065-HA, SSC-5065-HA, SSC-63100-HA, AOT-HV-1200-H-TM-TU and AOT-HV-2400-H-TM-TU

You can receive the new Steelsmith product catalog 2017 on your simple request by :

  • email info(at)
  • Skype Anemo-Steelsmith
  • Phone +32 58 51 53 01 (ask Philip)


Steelsmith Information

Steelsmith product catalog 2017

Steel-Smith is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, Latches & Clamping Elements for all industry applications.

More than 400 different types of clamps are delivered worldwide.

Anemo Engineering is your information centre and contact.

Steel-Smith clamps are well known for their excellent quality, high safety in use, flexible service and distribution support.