Stainless steel Clamps AISI 316 – A4 quality

316 A4 Clamp

316 A4 Clamp:

The 316 stainless steel AISI 316 or A4 quality clamps from Steelsmith can be used in a variety of applications and installations. The Steelsmith 316 A4 clamps are robust stainless steel made and can be used in a variety of applications and environments. Due to their strength the 316 series are ideal for corrosive environments. 


food industry: The 316 stainless steel clamp is designed for food processing companies. Those kind of companies  make use lot’s of chemicals to clean their production line, and the Steelsmith clamp resist even the most aggressive environments.

swimming pools: The 316 A4 is Ideal  for service panels, filters, engine hatches, or anything exposed to chore water.

anything that is in marine & coastal environments: think about, the first 5km next to the coast line: any machinery, transportation equipment, boats, marine petrochemical industry, …

chemistry: In the perfume industry they make frequently use of the 316 clamps

semiconductor industry: One of our clients uses the 316 A4 clamp to make and seal wafers, needed for the production of semiconductors.

tunnels: Traffic tunnels have an aggressive atmosphere, due to the carbon gase... 

Offshore Installations: The 316 A4 is used on oil-rigs and on service panels of windmills...

316 A4 Clamp Stainless steel
316 A4 Clamp Stainless steel

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