Steelsmith – Manufacturer innovative Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, Latches, Clamping Elements

Steelsmith - Manufacturer

Manufacturer of innovative Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, Latches, Clamping Elements

Anemo Engineering is the European master distributor and information center of Steelsmith clamps. All SteelSmith clamps are all made in our factory in India. From India all clamps for Europe are shipped to our warehouse in Belgium. And from Belgium distributed over Europe. The Steelsmith clamps are well-know for their excellent quality. All clamps undergo lifecycle tests, clamp forcing and holding tests, before you use the clamp in your application. A toggle clamp is a fastening device to secure an object tightly in order it cannot move when working on the object. A vertical/horizontal clamp consists of 1. A handle to operate 2. Clamping arm 3. Linkages for multiplying the force 4. Spindle for pressure adjustment 5. Base for mounting at the workplace 6. Eventually an additional locking mechanism The difference between a horizontal and a vertical clamp : the position of the operating handle. A horizontal clamp has the handle horizontal or down when the clamp is locked. A vertical clamp has the handle pointed to the sky when locked. Holding capacity of a horizontal clamps goes up to 1000kg (10kNewton), holding capacity of vertical clamps can go up to 3000 kg (30kN) Working is the same What is important to know to use the clamp in your application/project ? - Holding capacity - arm – spindle fixed of a with adjustable spindle - Base : flanged or straight The clamps can be in stainless steel version (outside use / corrosive environment) Black version or version with T-handle. With or without additional locking mechanism. For all applications where objects have to be fix secured horizontal of vertical Steelsmith clamps must be used.