Steelsmith clamp – VTC-207-SB


This Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB is an Vertical hold down action toggle clamp. Anemo Engineering is offering Steelsmith Vertical toggle clamp VTC-207-SB as factory new.

Properties of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB:

Material grade of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB Steel / zinc-plated
Base type of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB Straight base
Spindle position of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB Weldable spindle position
Holding capacity of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB 215 Kg
Holding capacity of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB 2150 N
Handle movement Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB 62 degrees
Bar movement Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB 115 degrees

Dimensions of Steelsmith clamp VTC-207-SB (mm)
A 180
B 89.5
C 40
D 19.1
E 6
F 35.1
H 55
J 7.1

Vertical hand clamp definition VTC-Series

Steelsmith Vertical hand clamps feature handles that are in a vertical position when the quick release clamp is locked.

These super clamps can be produced and delivered in all popular sizes and styles.

The holding capacity of these clamp tools starts from 50 kgs to 500 kgs and more

The quick release clamps are also available in stainless steel or can be equiped with an additional locking mechanism.

You would like to receive a complete overview of all Steelsmith vertical hold down industrial clamps ?

You would like to obtain all technical information, the 3D drawing, a quote, a sample,

  • Anemo Engineering BVBA – Steelsmith Europe

Steelsmith clamp – VTC-207-SB in stock Europe

Veurnestraat 4F | B-8691 Leisele | Belgium | Tel: +32 58 51 53 01
Anemo Engineering is European distributor for Steelsmith Clamps.

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